Electoral Board


  • During the first week of February (pursuant to § 24.2-115)  
  • During the month of March (pursuant to § 24.2-107)
  • Wednesday following an election (pursuant to § 24.2-671)

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  • Phyllis Cook, Chairperson
  • Jay Faison, Vice Chairperson
  • Rick Crookshank, Secretary


The duty of the Electoral Board is to insure all elections are conducted fairly and impartially. It is the duty of the Registrar to provide for voter registration and voter education. The Registrar performs many electoral duties, including managing efficient elections while protecting the integrity of the election process. The Constitution of Virginia requires the appointment of electoral boards and registrars. The Code of Virginia, Section 24.2-114, defines the duties and powers of the registrar. However, any other duties have evolved and are contained in various parts of Section 24.2 of the Code.

Membership Details

Three electoral board members are appointed for King George by a majority of the Circuit Court judges from the 15th Judicial Circuit of Virginia. Membership is given to members of the two political gubernatorial parties. When there is a Republican governor, two members will be from the Republican Party and one member will be from the Democratic Party providing the Democratic Party had the second highest number of votes. Each member appointed serves a staggered three-year term regardless of the party in office. The political parties may recommend three members to serve, but the judges are not bound by the recommendation. Members must meet specific eligibility requirements and are expected to discharge all required duties impartially.