Items of Interest

The County has many points of interest such as: Boyd's Hole, a colonial shipping point; Stuart's Wharf, Smith's Wharf, and Wilmont Wharf where bricks were once made and shipped; St. Paul's Church built around 1776; Lamb's Creek, which was built in 1770 and was used as a Union Army stable in 1864 and Rokeby which was built in 1837 and used as Union Army headquarters in 1862 for Gen. Ambrose Burnside. King George County is also the proud home of a National Natural Landmark, Caledon.


Caledon Bald Eagle A designated National Natural Landmark, Caledon provides visitors the unique opportunity of viewing bald eagles in their natural habitat. Caledon and the surrounding areas are the summer home for one of the largest concentrations of bald eagles on the East Coast.

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