Technology Advisory Committee

The Technology Advisory Committee is established by the authority of the Board of Supervisors and serves at the pleasure of the Board.  The Committee duties and responsibilities shall include, but are not limited to, making recommendations to the Board on specific policies and matters related to technology, and to make the Board aware of effective and efficient technology opportunities.
Established: 02/18/2014
Charter: April 1, 2014 (Charter Amended: August 5, 2014)
Meetings are monthly @ 6:00pm in Meeting Room B in L. E. Smoot Memorial Library, third Monday of each month
(subject to change)
The Public is encouraged to attend.
MEMBERS: (10)                                                                            APPOINTED TERM
Dale J. Robertson – Dahlgren District (Chairman) 10/30/14 1 year

Jonathan Usher – Dahlgren District                                               10/30/14 1 year

Cathy Binder  Shiloh District 10/30/14 1 year

Michael L. Knutson – Shiloh District                                               10/30/14 1 year

Dee Strauss – James Madison District 10/30/14 1 year

Lyle Brown – James Madison District 10/30/14 1 year

Tony Zilic – At-Large District 10/30/14 1 year

Thad J. Dobbert – At-Large District (Vice-Chairman)                    10/30/14 1 year

Al Ventura – James Monroe District                                               10/30/14 1 year

Jack Bernardes – James Monroe District                                      10/30/14 1 year

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