Land Records

The Land Records Division of the King George County Circuit Court is located at 9483 Kings Highway Suite #3. The Clerks Office is open for recording land documents from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00p.m. Monday thru Friday and for research from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The Land Records Division is designed for the public to do their own research. Our staff will assist in getting you started.

The mailing address for the Land Records Division is:

King George County Circuit Court
9483 Kings Highway Suite #3
King George, VA 22485

All Documents presented for recordation at the Land Records Division must be signed and notarized original documents, no faxed copies. Forms for Certificates of Satisfaction, Certificates of Partial Satisfaction, Certificates of Transfer, Releases of Mechanics' Lien and Releases of Lis Pendens are available at the Land Records Office or they may be downloaded from the link to the Virginia Judicial System Web site below.

Forms Available for Download

You may download the following Deed Calculations at the following link:

You may download the following Forms at the following link:

*Note: These files are available for download in Microsoft Word format. Virginia Judicial System Web site»

Obtaining Copies of Land Records

You may obtain copies of Land Records at the Circuit Court Clerks Office from Deed Books or Digital Images.

Fees for copies are:

  • $ .50 per page
  • $2.00 per certification

Land Record's Research

Land records are public documents and the individuals who require information must do the research. Clerks are available to aid you in your research, but they cannot do the research for you. For assistance with extensive land record's research, you may consider hiring a local title company or an attorney who is licensed to perform research.

Digital images of Land Book records are available from 1721 to present.

Taxes and Fees 

Land Records Recordation Taxes and Fees»
These taxes and fees are established by the Code of Virginia. §58.1-801 et. seq. Establish the legally mandated taxes and fees. See our Fee Link page for appropriate fees.

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