• The Agency will be part of the State's new Prisoner Re-Entry Pilot Program. This program requires the creation of a "local re-entry counsel" and the active participation of community service providers, who collectively will work as a local team to reduce the recidivism rate in Virginia. The King George Pilot will oversee the program throughout Planning District 16 involving the 5 local DSS offices, the VEC, Probation and Parole, 5 RACSB offices, the Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS), the Fredericksburg Area HIV/AIDS Support Services (FAHASS), Department of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE) and sundry other providers that engage in providing services to help individuals re-enter society as productive citizens. KGDSS will also continue its efforts in providing service education to inmates at the Haynesville Correctional Facility regarding services and service providers that they need to contact when they are released. The goal of these efforts is to reduce recidivism and to protect the heath and safety of our community.
  • During the year, the Agency will re redirecting its efforts in support of Domestic Violence issues. With the tremendous growth within our community, domestic violence issues have increased dramatically. Domestic issues go beyond the realm of income and can be found in the wealthiest of homes as well as the poorest of homes. Domestic violence is the precursor to CPS and APS issues and is much more difficult to remedy if not addresses at its earliest stages. To address domestic violence issues, one Social worker will be designated to work with the Sheriff's office to respond to domestic violence calls, facilitating early intervention, in an attempt to reduce the number of second responses. Additionally, the Agency has partnered with the Fredericksburg Agency on Youth and will be working with families in crisis jointly. The Office on Youth will be working on teaching special parenting techniques to the parents of these children. The parents are court ordered to participate with their children. These two efforts are not in place in PD16 an will present a challenge for the Agency in the developmental stages
  • The Agency has incorporated a request for two additional social worker positions this year. With the tremendous drain on existing resources, the DSS Board feels that it is important that we start actively addressing the growth of the county and resulting in the demand for services. Because the majority of our services are directed at the preservation of the family unit and the protection of our most vulnerable citizens, our children and seniors, we need to be able to respond in a timely and effective manner and can only do this with a staffing level that can meet the needs. We are fortunate that with localized funding we can eventually drew down Federal and State funding to offset these positions. Our current staffing level has been taxed over the last several years with a tremendous increase in workloads and now is the time to begin looking forward to ensure the life, health, and safety of this community is not jeopardized by a lack of staffing to deal effectively with the growing needs.
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