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The Parks and Recreation Department promotes and provides leisure services and recreational programs to the citizens of King George County. The administrative staff is housed at the Citizens Center. The department offers park activities, educational/hobby programs, senior citizen activities, youth programs, athletic leagues, bus tours, summer camps, and other special activities. The King George County is licensed for before and after school programs as well as summer camps. The department strives to meet the needs, desires, and demands of the County's diverse and increasing population. The programs must be designed to be functional with purpose and mutually cost effective to the user and to lessen the burden placed on the non-using taxpayer. The design of facilities must be multi-functional in scope to serve multiple purposes and to reach a greater number of citizens.

The department's budget for years has remained in maintenance mode to carry out day to day tasks. This budget reflects the necessary changes, adjustments, and upgrades fiscally needed to begin positioning the department to serve the public professionally, programmatically and developmentally through facility development. The core value of the Department will be to do what is right for the social, physical, mental and economic interest and wellness of the citizens, and applying the mechanisms available for conserving our natural and historical resources for the betterment of the County and its citizenry. The Department is operating off the motto; Creating Community through People, Parks and Programs, and or the trademark "The Benefits are Endless."

Park Operations are maintained in conjunction with the Department of General Properties. Staff funding is included in the General Properties Budget.


  • Develop Sealston Park for maximum use
  • Upgrade park facilities to meet the demands of the citizens
  • Review current programs and establish new activities to better suit the needs of the growing community
  • To work cooperatively with the King George Family YMCA to develop programs and services to the citizens
  • Assist the Recreation Advisory Committee in property acquisition and long range planning


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