King George County is currently soliciting Quotes/Bids/Proposals for the solicitations listed below. Complete copies of the solicitations may be obtained by clicking the corresponding link (solicitation number). If you have difficulty with the Adobe file, please contact Purchasing at 540.775.8575.  

Pest Control Services - IFB 11182014-1400

11182014-1400 Pest Control Services 11182014-1400 Pest Control Services 

KGCS - Commercial Dishwashers

06092014-1400 Dishwashers Bid Tab 06092014-1400 Dishwashers Bid Tab 

06092014-1400 Commercial Dishwashers IFB 06092014-1400 Commercial Dishwashers IFB

06092014-1400 Dishwashers Specifications-Scope of Work Attachment A 06092014-1400 Dishwashers Specifications-Scope of Work Attachment A

Mobile Command Center Phase III

06042014-1400 Mobile Command Center Project Award 06042014-1400 Mobile Command Center Project Award

0602014-1400  Command Center Phase lll Bid Tabulation 0602014-1400 Command Center Phase lll Bid Tabulation

06042014-1400 Command Unit Pase III - Addendum 1 06042014-1400 Command Unit Pase III - Addendum 1

Command Unit Phase III IFB Command Unit Phase III IFB

Municipal Financial Advisor

05231014-1400 Financial Advisor Award 05231014-1400 Financial Advisor Award

05232014-1400 Municipal Financial Advisor RFP 05232014-1400 Municipal Financial Advisor RFP

Lease of Office Space

05292014-1400 Lease Office Space 05292014-1400 Lease Office Space

05292014-1400 Lease of Office Space RFP 05292014-1400 Lease of Office Space RFP

Schools HVAC and Automation Maintenance

05222014-1400  Addendum 3.pdf 05222014-1400 Addendum 3.pdf

05222014-1400 School Floorplans  05222014-1400 School Floorplans 

05222014-1400  Addendum 2 05222014-1400 Addendum 2 

05222014-1400 Pre-Proposal Meeting Sign-in Sheet 05222014-1400 Pre-Proposal Meeting Sign-in Sheet

05222014-1400 Add 1 05222014-1400 Add 1

05222014-1400 Schools HVAC RFP 05222014-1400 Schools HVAC RFP

05222014-1400 Schools HVAC Scope of Work  05222014-1400 Schools HVAC Scope of Work 

 Tourism Brochure

Tourism Brochure RFP-Q Tourism Brochure RFP-Q

Dispatch Mapping/Enhanced E-911

04142014-1400 Dispatch Mapping System 04142014-1400 Dispatch Mapping System

Carpet and Tile Replacement

03042014-1400 Award 03042014-1400 Award





Disclaimer: Solicitations are posted on this website to facilitate the submission of responses. It is the vendor's responsibility to ensure all required elements are included in their submission. Addenda to any solicitation may occur prior to the solicitation's closing date. Please be sure to check this listing frequently. Failure to acknowledge all addenda may result in the rejection of your submission as non-responsive. Electronic and/or fax responses will not be accepted, unless noted as acceptable on page 1 of the solicitation. 

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