Honor/Color Guard

The Honor/Color Guard attends memorial or funeral services to recognize fallen officers. At times, the participating deputies also perform in parades, opening ceremonies, and graduations. The team consists of two guards bearing rifles and three Color bearers.

Administrative Office/Records Management

The Administrative/Records Management staff converts arrest and Incident Based Report data to computer records. In addition, traffic citation and civil process information is entered and edited through this office.

Criminal Investigations

Detectives in this unit respond to, or investigate, all major crimes. Criminal offenses requiring follow-up investigation, subsequent to the Patrol Deputies initial response, also becomes the responsibility of the Detectives. One Detective is assigned to investigate specifically, narcotics related crimes.

E911 Communications

The Sheriff's Office is manned around the clock, answering calls-for-service for Law Enforcement, Fire & Emergency Medical Services, and Animal Control. The EOC is equipped with a state-of-the-art CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system, a Computer Automated Mapping system, and Enhanced 911, which allows Communications Officers to immediately find the address from which a 911 call is made, in the event the caller is unable to provide that information.

School Resource Officer (SRO)

School Resource Officers are currently assigned to the County's High School and Middle School. These uniformed Deputies work closely with the school administration, helping to provide students with a positive learning environment.


UPON AVAILABILITY on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 AM thru 1:00 PM.


The Sheriff's Office is an active participant in the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program, and has been offering the instruction since 1989. DARE is a collaboration between law enforcement and the local school system. During the 17 week course, deputies speak to students in the school classroom about the pressures to experiment with drugs. Students are given the knowledge that will help them recognize and resist these pressures. The DARE program also focuses on positive alternatives to violence and drug abuse.

Bike Patrol

The Sheriff's Office Bike Patrol Team consists of deputies who have volunteered for this specialized training. Bike Patrol provides a unique patrol resource, in that deputies are able to reach areas that are, otherwise, difficult. Being more accessible. Bike Patrol deputies are often able to meet citizens in a more personable atmosphere. Team members, generally, ride 10-15 miles per shift, and also conduct programs aimed at promoting bicycle safety, bicycle maintenance, and helmet use.

K-9 Unit

The Sheriff's Office K-9 unit currently consists of two canines, which are cross-trained for Patrol and Narcotics detection. Both K-9´s are certified by the Virginia Police Canine Association.

Court Security

The Sheriff's Office Court Security Division has the responsibility of protecting the presiding judges and maintaining an orderly courtroom, as well as transporting prisoners to and from other jurisdictions. Members of this division are also the primary servers of civil process, which includes subpoenas and summonses.


Shifts of uniformed Deputies patrol the county 24 hours a day. Their duties include enforcement of traffic laws, serving criminal warrants, responding to calls-for-service from the public, as well as being first responders to major crimes.

Forensic Unit

The Forensic unit responds to all major crime scenes. Members of this unit have received specialized training in the identification of evidence, as well as the collection and preservation of such evidence. Physical or forensic evidence is submitted to the Division of Forensic Science for analysis. The Forensic unit members are also skilled in the documentation of crime scenes, which includes the photography and sketching of scenes.

Dive Team

The Sheriff's Office Dive Team may be called upon to conduct underwater criminal investigations and search & recovery operations within the county or in other jurisdictions, when support is requested. Search & recovery operations are normally limited to law enforcement purposes (recovery of evidence, crime scene investigations, missing persons).

Special Response Team

The mission of the Special Response Team is to support the Sheriff's Office with a tactical response to critical incidents, examples of which may be barricaded persons, hostage situations, and high-risk warrant service. As is the case with any division of the Sheriff's Office, the successful and safe resolution of any incident is paramount. Team members train, continually, in the use of special weapons and tactics, so that they are well prepared for situations which cannot be effectively dealt with be regular Patrol Deputies.

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