Is there a tax relief program for the elderly and disabled?

Exemption For The Elderly And Disabled Persons:


The deadline to file this application is March 1st each year


The age requirement is 65 years of age.


The combined gross income can not exceed $40,000.00 with the maximum amount of assets being $60,000.00 excluding your dwelling and five acres of land. 


Disabled persons must follow the same income and assets guidelines and if under 65 years of age, a sworn affidavit by (2) medical doctors licensed to practice in Virginia, stating that the taxpayer is permanently and totally disabled, must accompany the application along with other proof which is noted in the application.


Your application will not be reviewed and/or approved to participate in this program if there are any delinquent real estate taxes shown at the time of filing.


If you have any questions please call our office at 540-775-4664.

Please refer to the  Documents and Forms section  

Judy S. Hart

Commissioner of the Revenue

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