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The King George County Board of Supervisors recently announced it will perform a general reassessment of all real estate within the County. The Board of Supervisors has awarded the contract to Blue Ridge Mass Appraisal Co. of Staunton to do the work.

The appraisers have begun visiting properties within the County. They will visit each improved property. If no adult is home they will leave a door hanger requesting additional information on the property. The field work will be complete in the fall of 2017. Each property owner will receive a change of assessment notice by mail indicating the new proposed values. Property owners will then have the opportunity to make an appointment to meet with the Assessors to discuss the values. After January 2018, a Board of Equalization will convene to consider further appeals based on equalization of properties. The Board of Equalization is composed of King George citizens appointed by the Circuit Court.

The Code of Virginia mandates each locality to periodically perform a general reassessment to determine each property's fair market value and its equalization in value to similar properties. The effective date of the reassessment is January 1, 2018. The last general reassessment was effective January 1, 2014.

While assessment values are the basis on what a property owner will pay in real estate taxes, the tax rate determines what will actually be paid. In 2016, the County's tax rate was $0.68 per one hundred dollars of assessed value.

If questions, call Judy S. Hart, Commissioner of the Revenue (540) 775-4664

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