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PUBLIC NOTICE: Photographs needed for new KG County website

Our Web Team is requesting King George County amateur photographers with pictures of our County's landmarks, landscape and activities, to please submit them for inclusion in our new website.
We would like to have all four seasons represented, so they can be incorporated throughout the year.
Please don't include personal pictures of your family or friends for submittal, due to confidentiality purposes, but wild animals are great, for inclusion.
Our new site will be available in Fall 2017, but we look forward to recognizing the amateur photographers who help populate our new website, with photos.
The new site is an exciting project that we know you will be happy with and we want to make sure each County resident knows they have a stake in the site content, and it is greatly appreciated.  So, let's all help get our new website to be the best in our region!
Thanks for your participation and please eMail your submissions in .jpg format-only,
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