Website Redesign Project

King George County is currently in the process of redesigning its website. This project will be done in three parts.

  1. Logo & Tagline Development
  2. Website Refresh Updates
  3. Mobile App Implementation

Project Timeline

November 2023

King George County entered a contract with CivicPlus to redesign its website.

May 2023

Staff began the logo and tagline development process.

A five-question survey was sent to the public to inspire the design and creation of the logo and tagline.

June-August 2023

Staff worked with CivicPlus designers to develop logo concepts. Two final concepts were chosen to send to the public for a vote.

Staff used the survey responses to question 4 from May to inspire tagline options. Staff narrowed those options down to two and sent them to the public for vote.

September 2023

The public voted on the two logo concepts and two tagline options.

October 2023

Staff presented to the Board of Supervisors on the logo concept and tagline development process, as well as the final results of the vote. The Board of Supervisors voted to adopt the popular vote logo concept and tagline.

Fall 2023 to Spring 2024

Staff will work with CivicPlus to redesign and update the website.

Spring to Summer 2024

Staff will work with CivicPlus to implement a mobile app.