We offer notary services free of charge for our library patrons. Services are provided by appointment only. Persons seeking notarizations must bring:

  • Unsigned documents
  • Yourself and/or anyone who signature needs to be notarized
  • Valid photo identification (for all signers)
  • Witnesses, if required.  Patrons should provide their own witnesses.  Library staff may substitute as witnesses, but their availability cannot be guaranteed.  Library patrons may not be solicited to act as witnesses.  

Notary publics at the Library will not:

  • Notarize copies of any kind
  • Notarize birth, marriage or death certificates
  • Notarize real estate closing or refinance documents
  • Perform marriages or any other act that constitutes the practice of law
  • Prepare legal documents or give legal advice
  • Post or pre-date a document
  • Notarize documents in a language they do not understand
  • Notarize documents requiring verification of facts
  • Act as authorized representatives for employers to verify the employment eligibility of employees (I-9 forms)
  • The Notary cannot give advice of instruction regarding documents or forms to be notarized.

Notaries will not provide service if the patron, document, or circumstances of the request raise any issue of authenticity, ambiguity, doubt, or uncertainty for the Library.  Notaries may at his/her sole discretion decline to provide Notary Service.